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Otto Theodor von Manteuffel
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Otto Theodor von Manteuffel (February 3, 1805 - November 26, 1882), was a conservative Prussian statesman. Manteuffel was born in Lübben (Spreewald), into an aristocratic family. From 1819 he attended the Landesschule Pforta and in 1824-1827 studied jurisprudence and cameralism at the University of Halle, where he also joined the Corps Saxonia Halle, a duelling Studentenverbindung in the Kösener Senioren-Convents-Verband (KSCV). In 1830 started a law clerkship. In 1833 he became Landrat (local administrator) of the district of Luckauer, in 1841 he was made an Oberregierungsrat (a senior administrative position) in Königsberg and in 1843 was made Vice-President of the government in Stettin. In 1844 the Prince of Prussia, who was then the head of the Ministry of State, appointed him there as an expert councillor (vortragender Rat). Soon thereafter he was also made a member of the royal Council of State. He worked in the field of finance until in 1845 he was made Director at the Ministry of the Interior.

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